Attempted Mass Shooting at Springfield Factory. Springfield Police Press Release on the incident.

On Monday, November, 19th, 2018, at about 1351 hrs, (1:51pm), LB Manufacturing , located at 360 W. Industry Dr., in Springfield, called 911 and reported a suspicious person in a pick up truck refusing to leave. An employee had confronted this subject in the parking lot and immediately told his supervisor to call for the police because something wasn’t right. The supervisor made the call.

Asst. Chief Joe Templeman and Captain Tony Golden responded and made contact with the individual in the truck. The suspect became uncooperative with Asst. Chief Templeman and proceeded to point a loaded semi automatic handgun at Asst. Chief Templeman’s chest. Asst. Chief Templeman immediately grabbed the weapon, deflecting the line of fire, and pulled the suspect out of the truck, simultaneously disarming the suspect. Cpt. Golden assisted Asst. Chief Templeman by placing himself in the line of fire and helping to control the weapon as they placed the suspect in handcuffs. The suspect kept trying to reach for his waistband where it was discovered another loaded semi automatic handgun was hidden. The suspect had an additional loaded semi automatic handgun holstered on his ankle.

The suspect’s vehicle was searched and in the passenger front seat, partially hidden by a large coat, was an AR-15 rifle, fully loaded. This weapon APPEARS to have been altered to fire fully automatic. The vehicle contained additional firearms, to include pistols and rifles.

The suspect was mirandized. He was making statements that indicated to us that he was planning to conduct a mass shooting inside LB Manufacturing. He made statements that indicated he had been analyzing the building layout to include entrances/exits, approaches, and even the air vents on the roof.

The suspect, Matthew R. Smith, 37, of Willisburg, Ky., was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Trespassing, and Wanton Endangerment. Also, the Federal Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms,( ATF), has been notified and will be assisting in the investigation.

This is proof that the “see something, say something movement” pays off because of the proactive approach that LB Mfg. officials took in immediately in notifying our Police Department. It is commendable that our officers were quickly able to apprehend this suspect professionally to divert what could have been a tragedy, says Springfield Mayor Debbie Wakefield.

Chief Smith’s additional notes:

I do not normally put out this much detail or tell the factual story of a major arrest/incidence. This incident is an exception.
I want the citizens of Springfield to know that their officers are willing to put themselves in the direct line of fire to help keep them safe. Asst. Chief Joe Templeman and Cpt. Tony Golden did their job and put themselves in the direct line of fire. Not only did they have a gun pointed at them but they were able to disarm and put the suspect in custody. And no one got hurt.
Also, I want to officially thank the two employees that saw something suspicious and reported it. Too many times, people have seen something and didn’t report it. Not this time. These two are heroes in my book. See something, say something.

Springfield is a great city and I’m so honored to have officers and citizens who risked their lives to keep us safe.

Chief Jim Smith
Springfield Police Department

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